Frankenstein or Hot Chocolate: embracing my “faults”

Please forgive me if the image is too graphic. But, it’s me. It’s the part of me, most have never seen. Always present, but never visible.

A few screws, plates, nuts, and bolts keep me from paralysis or worse.   I definitely went through a stretch where my self image took a hit.

But, I don’t write this for sympathy though, so please don’t worry about me. In many ways I’m significantly more at peace than I have ever been.

In the passing of Muhammad Ali, we saw a man who bore his infirmities very publicly. He provided a proud and beautiful face to Parkinson’s disease. A condition, many have suffered with, in the dark.

In a world, where we all feel pressured  to “fix ourselves,” I ask that we pause. What if, from now, you spent your time and energy doing the best you can to live a full life, just as you are?

You may not have titanium implants in your body, but you have likely built some emotional or mental hardware to stabilize yourself from previous hurts. If not, seek that stability you need to find your personal contentment.  After you’ve secured safety from further harm, then let the fun begin.

Many of my friends know that I started referring to myself as “Hot Chocolate” a few years ago, embarking on my personal mission to spread the hotness to the world.  However, most didn’t know that my new sexy self only emerged when my physical body was at it’s weakest.  Being keenly aware of the delicate fragility of life and vitality, I decided to optimize that which I could control.  It’s been fun writing my own story, comparing my life to no one else.  Just quietly exceeding my own expectations day by day.

I laugh when I hear all the things people suggest I should fix: my chipped tooth, my skinny chicken legs, the woefully under-furnished home, or my barely tapped potential as a bachelor. Thanks for the tips, but I’m really just enjoying being alive. I might get to the other stuff, but then again…

I hope you too can know that joy.  Live my friends, really enjoy each day, it’s the best thing you’ve got going for you.

Hot chocolate out!

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