Some argue that we are the sum of the decisions and relationships we have made over the years.  Others debate the impact of nature vs. nurture as the primary drivers of who we are.

Although that type of thinking has some value when triaging aspects of our lives, it offers little hope when we have the need for a major pivot or revival of our souls after major trauma.   Those conventional views actually work against our desire/need to reinvent.

Can you imagine walking away from reading this and venturing to do something you’ve never done before?  Kissing a stranger, attending a religious event for a faith you don’t believe in, or meditating in your backyard naked (Speedos optional).   I may or many not have done all of these (shh…), but let’s say I’m open to some new suggestions.

What you do is irrelevant, but knowing that you can do whatever comes to mind is foundational otreinvention.  Free from fear of condemnation.  Free from abstract ideas of what failure is.  Free from the definition of who you are, based on your past.

Start small, but train your brain to create new realities, one decision at a time.  Intentionally get lost, seek out anxiety, and awkwardness.  Embrace the beauty of not being good enough.  The emotional range and learnings we get from near misses, tend to be more memorable and propelling than the easy wins.

Learn to respectfully ignore friends and family, when safety is not concerned.  They often are the builders and reinforces of the boxes you have felt trapped in.  They want what they think would make you happy based on their experiences.  My secret is I’m very open about my unpredictability.   In practice, I am actually pretty moderate, but I make sure the people who know me are  aware that I am constantly redefining who I am, so they don’t fixate on what you have already seen.

If all you do is one new thing after reading this, I will smile in my soul, knowing that I might have helped you along your journey.  If all you do is think about me in speedos in my backyard…  You are welcome!

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