Searching for rejection (The 100 No Challenge)

What if instead of avoiding rejection, you made a focused effort to seek it out?

For some people, getting what they want is a way of life.  They confidently move through each day with a sense of entitlement and certainty that the rest of us often wish we could emulate.

I found myself at a strange crossroads recently.  It may sound crazy, but I realized that I really could do anything that I wanted to do, but for some strange reason, I had a tendency to stop myself.  Perhaps I was afraid of rejection, or was it success?  Either way, a pattern of stopping myself before anyone else could had become the norm.

Enter a crazy thought…

How can I stretch my own view of what’s possible and experience an even richer and more exhilarating life?  What if I intentionally sought out things that I previously believed were out of reach.  Hence the “100 No Challenge.”  For the month of October, I was going to do everything I could to hear “NO” from as many different people as possible.

As the month comes to an end, I would have to give myself a failing grade, or maybe not…  I’ve only heard about 20 NO’s, but I’ve really been trying.  People keep saying yes!  To my surprise, people don’t really want to tell me “no”, nearly as much as I expected.  If anything, my boldness was a pleasant surprise to those who knew me and was often received with an enthusiastic “yes.”  Everything from work, family, and my social life has taken on a new dimension.  More than anything, I see myself differently, and my fear of rejection has dramatically reduced and in some ways totally lost it’s grip.

It’s been fun.  If you find yourself in a similar mental space, I encourage you to try something similar.  The mind is this incredible force of nature, that is actually malleable.    See what you can do with yours…

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