Why “they” don’t care, nor do they have to… yet

There is something peculiar that people disadvantaged people struggle with.  it’s the idea of fairness, equity, and even justice.  It’s not that they don’t understand what those terms mean.  I have no doubt the terms are fully comprehended.

The problem is with processing what fairness looks like from the other side of advantage.  If you had every financial, legal, and structural controlling interest, would you really feel obligated to “be fair,” simply because it’s the right thing to do?  Even when it potentially undermines one’s position of strength.  Perhaps, but history teaches that isolated themes of justice  will endure relentless prevailing opposition.

Ultimately, the challenge for any disadvantaged group is to figure out how to motivate those in the position of power to appreciate any possible areas of mutual interest.  Charity is nice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t scale.  It is no longer acceptable to wait on the kindness of the one in the lead.

Unity of purpose is the strongest vehicle the underdog has.  How can such a group maintain a noticeable and sustainable impact on the status quo?  Can they pool resources and introduce change politically?  Can they, with discipline and intentionality alter spending habits to make economic waves?   More than ever, the answer is yes.  The tools are available, the passion to fuel the struggle has been rekindled.  So, what’s missing?

Just as a ship can withstand an onslaught of icicles, but can be sunk by a well placed, anchored, and large iceberg, such a force can emerge to change the course of those, who otherwise are not motivated to do anything but stay their current course.

If you want “them” to care about you and your interests, learn what they already care about, and demonstrate how with attention, scale, and coordination, you can grow icebergs that cannot be ignored.   A choice will have to be made to sink or alter the course, either way, a choice will be made…

The Nile River
The Nile River

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